• Thun Saal Castel Katzenzungen
  • Der Thun Saal
  • Hochzeitsfeier im Thun Saal

Thun Saal

Bright, friendly and inviting room. Wooden floor, wooden beams and a wood-fired stove give a cosy feeling and inspire spiritual work. Social, culinary and cultural events such as exhibitions are perceived in a new light.


banquets, talks, workshop, seminars


2 facing south, facing west

Room size

6,00 × 7,40 × 3,70 (l x w x h)

Useable surface

44 sqm


various possibilities:

  • in general: 20 – 52 people
  • theatre seating: 42 seats
  • long table: 24 seats, parliament seating: 52 seats
  • u form one side: 26 seats, u form both sides: 40 seats
  • circle of chairs: 24 seats, round tables: 40 seats

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