• Fuchs Zimmer im Schloss
  • gedeckte Tische Fuchszimmer

Fuchs Zimmer

The view from this room is fantastic. Gnarled peaks, mountain ranges steeped in legend, orchards stretching as far as the eye can see. All this with the sun on your face. Time stands still. Embrace the moment either alone or with others. You have space and time to do so.

Raumplan 2. Obergeschoss Castel Katzenzungen

talks, workshops, seminars


2facing south

Room size

5,50 × 8,60 × 3,70 (l x w x h)

Useable surface

47 sqm


various possibilities

  • in general: 20 – 42 people
  • theatre seating: 42 seats
  • long table: 24 seats
  • u form one side: 26 seats
  • circle of chairs: 20 seats

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